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Nepal tour

Nepal tour


Tour of Nepal, with wide range of destination to choose with combination of varied culture with age-old heritage and traditions all in the shade of mighty Himalayan Mountains, where our Tour Nepal program begins from Kathmandu-Patan / Lalitpur – Bhaktapur and beyond to scenic Pokhara and towards birth place of Lord Buddha at Lumbini with much more places to visit in and around Nepal.

Nepal, a country of high hills, mountains, raging rivers and verdant deep jungles of Terai & its rich culture makes Nepal a blessed nation with varied destinations to choose with its diverse and varied landscapes and different colorful cultures that blends perfect with Hindu and Buddhism religions.

Our Tour of Nepal programs offers you with varied Holiday Destinations from traditional, cultural villages with ancient temples and monasteries within world heritage sites or just relax and marvel the panorama of world highest mountains in the comfort of nice deluxe hotels and Resorts.

Sight Seeing Guided Tour:

Around Kathmandu:
Kathmandu the capital and former kingdom of Nepal, located on a valley adorned with exotic setting. 2,500 years back stood as a large lake. At present a metropolitan city retaining still its past age-old glorious with many World Heritage Sites of Temples-Monasteries and old palaces.

Completely surrounded by rolling green hills with snow capped peaks towards north direction, it consists of four major cities steeped with great historic, artistic and cultural interest.

Kathmandu Durbar Square:
Kathmandu Durbar Square teems with colorful life of vendors selling vegetables, curios, flutes, and other crafts around the Kastamandap rest house.
Kastamandap where the name Kathmandu named derived from a temple built with a wood of a single tree, all woodcarvings, statues, and architecture in this area are of immense interest, and Kathmandu Durbar Square is among the most important sights for travelers to visit. The complex houses the Historical Royal Museum with mementoes of different Shah Kings.
Other places of interest are Akash Bhairab Temple-Hanuman Dhoka-Temple of Kumari-Kastha Mandap-National Museum-Natural History Museum-Holy Pashupatinath Temple- and old Buddhist monument Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple), Asia’s Largest

Bouddhanath Stupa.
Patan / Lalitpur Durbar Square:

Situated on southern part of Kathmandu city within the valley, where tour leads you famed historical sites of early Malla Kings creation of this beautiful city, known as Lalitpur ‘City of Arts and Crafts’

The old Durbar square is stepped with 7th to 11th Centaury monuments, pagodas and temples.
Places of interest in Patan area. Durbar Square, Krishna Temple, Palace Museum, Mahabouddha, Sundhara, Handicraft centers and four huge Buddhist Stupa (Chaitiya) built by Great Indian Emperor Asoka when he visited Nepal way back 2,000 years.

Located East of Kathmandu city and the valley, another important city of medieval period with fine arts and magnificent ancient monuments listed as World Heritage Sites, visit at Bhaktapur will turn you back on time, a place famous for its ancient Durbar Square, Golden Gate, palace of 55 windows, Nayatapola (Five Tiered Pagoda roofs) and Dattaraya Temple and other places of interest the pottery, Changu Narayan Temple one of the oldest in Nepal.



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