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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal, a blessing from Mother Nature with its unique high Himalayan Mountains, rivers and valleys and a varied dramatic country with various culture, religion and tradition for centuries still exists as it was for thousands of years.

Annapurna Encounter runs and organize all kinds of adventure from trekking to peak climb in various region of Himalayan destinations including Bhutan, Tibet and north east India Himalaya in Darjeeling, Sikkim and Ladakh areas.
Trekking in Nepal Himalaya is enjoyable and remarkable with continues views of snow capped peaks and mountains that lines the Northern border with Tibet, most of the trekking at present since last two decades are done in Tea-House / Lodge basis as most of the trekking area have nice and cozy lodges for overnight stop catering with nice meals, but in much higher altitude facilities are limited due to cold and harsh climate and windswept landscapes.

Around Annapurna-Everest and Langtang area there are Tea-Houses and lodges along the trekking routes. Camping trips are organized in remote areas of Far North Western and Eastern Himalaya such as Dolpo, Humla, Kanchenjunga and Makalu area as these places are less trekked country and camping facilities required around these remote and isolated areas of Nepal Himalaya.

On normal trekking routine on Camping, starting with a drive or flight as per the region of trekking destinations, starting with a wake up bed tea / coffee followed with breakfast of cereals, eggs and breads with tea-coffee then walking for about 3-4 hours to lunch spot a simple lunch of various types of breads, mild vegetable curry or boiled, salads and with some canned meats, ham or sardine, tuna with refreshing warm lemonade or orange drinks followed with tea.
Walk in the afternoon for about another 3-4 hours to camp where afternoon tea / coffee is served with biscuits and followed by dinner in mess / dining tents starting with soups popcorns or papadum and soon with main course menu varies every day so that the clients won’t be bored with same type of meal daily.

After dinner with desert served either fresh fruits or canned fruits, sometimes cakes and pies are served as well. If there’s birthday and anniversary serve with cakes as celebration, as our trekking cooks are expert they can make various bakeries even in high altitude.

Normal Day on Trekking:

Morning 6 a.m. (depending upon the type of trekking from moderate, adventurous)
wake up tea / coffee in tents followed with warm water as washing water to refresh ( not good for drinking or rinsing your mouth) then after packing your gear, 2 types of packing one larger bags that the things that you do not need for the day goes on bigger bags to be carried by porters, the other smaller day pack the thing that you need for the day to be carried by yourself.

Morning walk for 3-4 hours with brief stop to enjoy the surrounding sceneries and of village life and then lunch stop. After lunch another 2-3 or 4 hours trek to overnight stops at designated places as per the chosen trip itineraries.

Annapurna Encounter has various trekking trips to offer please find it in our wide range of list on trekking area from moderate, adventurous to extreme adventure.

Clothes and personal gear for trekking varies from different choice of trekking areas.


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